Technical Features

Veit Multiform Finisher 8430

  • User friendly, providing excellent 3-dimensional finishing results
  • economical price/performance ratio
  • High performance (upto 80 pcs/hr)
  • Powerful but energy saving blower motor with manually adjustable air quantity
  • Two multiform finishers can be operated in tandem by a single operator in a very small area.
  • Adjustable shoulder width from 12.6 to 20.5 inches (320 to 520 mm)
  • 360 degree rotatable for easy loading and best view.
  • Adjustable sleeve clamps allow for easy adjustment of the correct sleeve position.
  • Automatically adjusting hem tensioners.
  • Flaps in the front and back hold the blouse in the correct position.
  • Manual stretching in vertical as well as horizontal direction is possible.

Veit Multiform Finisher 8362

  • Rotatable through 180 degrees.
  • Hydropneumatic vertical tensioning controlled by a photo cell.
  • Adjustable  re-stretching allows a very precise finish without distortion.
  • Adjustable front and back clamps as well as lateral tensioners can be activated if required.
  • Removable lapel clamp with height adjustment.
  • Adjustable shoulder width from 12.6 to 20.5 inches (320 to 520 mm)
  • Processing of garments upto a length of 51.2 inches/1300 mm
  • Variable fan speed
  • Lateral, front and back clamps can be switched off to increase productivity.
  • Up to 10 programs can be stored. Programs are easily selectable via knobs.