Technical Features

Polypropylene Tanning Drum

Polypropylene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It is tough, strong, stable, elastic and is highly impact resistant. Due to it’s high molecular mass, it is resistant to aqueous solutions of salts, acids and alkaline. It withstands temperatures between -5 Deg C to 95 Deg C and is long lasting and recyclable.

The Ramsons Polypropylene drums are a positive mix between the stainless steel drums and the wooden drums having the advantages of both without their limitations. In additional to bulk production, they are recommended for processing new products in laboratories or small to medium sampling rooms of tanneries.

They are made of the best Polystone P (Homopolymer) raw material from Rochling, Germany. An optional micro processor based controller coupled with an inverter drive for automation and repeat options is possible. Various sizes and designs are available and Ramsons undertakes custom requirements as well.


  • Ease of cleaning: can be easily cleaned inside and outside and prepared for the next load in the shortest time.
  • Better thermal insulation: compared to both stainless steel and wooden drums with a minimum 50% energy savings.
  • Higher chemical resistance: than both wooden and stainless steel drums, resistant to chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda and even concentrated sulphuric acid.
  • More internal volume: 11-18% higher volume and hence greater loading capacities.
  • Less wear and tear: hence longer life and low maintenance.
  • Cost effective: through energy, chemical and labour savings.
  • Better mixing action: ensure a faster processing time.