Technical Features

The Ramsons tumble driers use the principal of heat exchange to completely dry garments and other articles that have just been washed.

The Complete stainless steel basket that holds the articles is precision punched in a CNC machine and is supported by self aligning ball bearing for a noiseless operation.The sizes of the perforations of the inner basket are optimally designed so as to ensure the right amount of airflow. The inner basket has stainless steel paddles also manufactured in a CNC machine to ensure consistency in the lifting of garments.

The outer body is completely powder coated in our in house powder coating facility to ensure a long life.

A programmable micro processor based control system comes standard with this machine. Settings than are displayed and can be programmed include cycle times, temperatures and residual humidity (optional). The heat exchange can be powered with steam,electricity or via gas.

A reversing inner basket to prevent garments from tangling and a large door opening for ease of loading and unloading articles come standard.

Emergency stop buttons and a safety limit switch is pre installed to ensure safety of the operator. The lint filter is extremely large and very easy to clean (low maintenance). The inner basket is doubly insulated with the finest quality mineral wool held in place by aluminum sheets on loaded spring hooked ties.

The special radiator/heat exchanger design and efficient blower system makes the drying time of this Ramsons dryer the best in its class.

A cooling system for automatic cool down of the garments can optionally be provided.