Technical Features

  • The Ramsons I-series ironer is used to dry and iron all flat articles such as bed sheet, pillow covers, table cloth, napkins etc. directly after the extraction process to produce a quality finish.
  • The feeding and heating belts are completely imported and are of imported Nomex™ quality. These belts do not absorb moisture and prevent the transfer of any marks to the articles being processed.
  • Heat is transferred to the articles being processed via a heated cylinder manufactured out of complete stainless steel (for steam heated machines). The unique design of the cylinder enables the transfer of heat with a high pressure on the articles thereby creating a higher efficiency while consuming minimal energy. Heating of the cylinder is via steam or electricity.
  • Very low power and steam consumption and a compact front feed, front return design ensure very minimal space consumption.
  • All I – Series ironers come standard with a finger guard protection further enhancing operator safety.
  • A powerful blower ensure maximum removal of the moist air created within the machine.
  • The electrical panel is equipped with a digital temperature indicator and digital speed indicator. A hand safety guard through the length of the cylinder and emergency stop buttons are provided to ensure a safe working. A variable speed drive for different types of fabrics and reversing of the cylinder are standard.