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Working Concept

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The Ramsons Hygienic washer extractor is a perfect solution to prevent cross contamination between dirty and clean linen in healthcare centres, hospitals, nursing homes and pharmaceutical industries.

Ramsons Hygienic washer extractors are specifically designed to be located on either side of a partition between the dirty room and the clean room with 180° opposite double doors. One door in the dirty room for loading dirty linen, and the other in the clean room to collect the cleaned linen. The working conditions are offering hygiene washing up to 90°C, operating safety, comfort, and space saving.

The main purpose of this barrier washer is to avoid cross contamination between the clean room and the dirty room, and defence against the spreading of micro-organisms and cross infections. Dirty linen is loaded from the dirty linen room, one side of the washer and the clean linen is unloaded from another door provided in the clean room.

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with 24 standard or custom programs, and a back-lit LCD display, showing real time status of washing steps, program NO, water level, temperature, lapsed time, total time, and also LED icons of washing activity like water inlet, heating, washing, spinning, door lock, Chemical intake comes standard with every machine.

The PLC controlled electrical interlock  allows unloading on the clean room side only if the wash program is fully completed.

The Ramsons hygienic washer extractor comes with a 5 compartment automatic chemical (powder or liquid) feeding system that is programmable by the PLC and offers a provision for an automatic central liquid chemical dosing system.

Proximity sensors are used to automatically align the basket & drum door position during loading and unloading, interlocking and unlocking. The proximity sensors are controlled by the PLC.

LED blinker lamp alarm during completion of wash program, transfer operating control to clean room and transfer back to loading side after unloading is complete.

A pneumatic brake system is used to hold the position of the basket door during loading and unloading.


Pnemaric locking SS316 Chemical compartment Plc with control board Electrical panel board Inner basket door with sturdy spring lock