Technical Features

These multifaceted machines are used in the processing of linen and garments with water as the medium of the wash.

Both the outer drum and the inner basket are made of tested stainless steel of AISI Grade 304. The perforations in the inner basket are precision punched and embossed in a CNC machine. The gap between the inner basket and outer drum is very low thereby reducing the amount of water consumed per kg of load (liquor ratio). This reduces the amount of chemical and energy consumed. The inner basket consists of stainless steel beaters to provide a consistent lift to the garments.

The electrical panel shows the time of the wash cycle (which can be altered) as well as the temperature. The machine has multiple safety features including a door limit switch,voltage filters etc. Heating of the wash load is via direct steam injection, stainless steel electrical heating elements or via gas heating.

The drive of the inner basket is via a reduction pulley-belt mechanism. The pulleys are of strong cast iron and the belts are completely imported. The inner basket is supported by self aligning ball bearing for a noiseless operation.

The chemicals enter the wash cycle in the inner basket via a stainless steel chemical box fitted on the side of the machine. The water inlet, drain and steam (optional) connections can optionally be converted to a complete automatic set up. There is a water level indicator fitted on the machine to correctly gauge the water allowed into the machine.