Technical Features

Ramsons introduces the one of a kind, multi purpose, Dress O Matic.

The Dress O Matic is designed to remove stains and press all kinds of garments. It comes with a built in steam generator as well.

The low space required makes this the perfect machine for retail purposes.

Features include:

  • Powerful & uniform suction throughout the length of the surface
  • Operator friendly ironing table with height adjustment
  • Independant switch control for the table surface heater, steam press and overhead lighting.
  • Swivel buck and swivel arm with height adjustment & suction/blowing
  • Variable blowing which can be easily adjusted
  • An automatic steam generator with an option feed water tank
  • Electrically heated steam press with adjustable temperature setting
  • Optional external 3KW steam generator with feed water tank
  • Foot operated photo switch to generate the suction for seamless operation.
  • Foot pedal switch for blower control.
  • Thermostat controlled table surface heater to eliminate dampness on table surface.
  • A chemical spotting gun with a buck and a chemical trap.
  • Steam/Air (dual) cleaning gun
  • Spill tray to avoid garments falling on the floor while ironing
  • A set of stainless steel swivel hanger arms
  • Document holding pad and small accessories holder
  • Spent steam exhaust outlet through a flexible hose pipe to reduce the heat, humidity and noise in the area.
  • Overhead lighting available to illuminate the working area.
  • Rollers on the base frame for easy shifting of the table within the working floor.

IMG_9890 copy IMG_9913