Technical Features

  • Ramsons spray booth come standard with an exhaust and the recirculating water curtain ensures a clean atmosphere and working area.
  • The Ramsons spray booth are available in fully stainless steel construction of 304 and 316 grade which ensures a long and corrosion free life.
  • A new feature in our stainless steel spray booth is the floating tank which is used both for operator assistance and and also for the residual spray to go into the perforated tank for recycling.
  • The water curtain ensures that all the particles from the air are absorbed and mixed with the water which can be regularly discharged without any contamination; the exhaust will therefore be free from any spray particles.
  • The exhaust system can be placed on top or behind the spray booth. The high exhaust is essential for compliance as the fumes should not reach the operator.
  • We manufacture spray booths in different sizes to accommodate from 1 to 6 robos.

Spray Booth 2Spray Booth 3