Technical Features

The Ramsons Kebab machine is an innovation in technology to further add value on denim and non denim garments. This machine is used to capture 3D movement seen in normal wear and translate the same in the form of a 3 Dimensional whisker on the front area, back knee, hem, thigh, etc of garments. It provides a 3D round natural whisker movement on garments

Advantage of using the Kebab Machine

  • Possibility of making 3D whisker along with partial curing to hold the whisker in the same form
  • It provides multifold possibilities in making numerous new look and finishes using the same machine
  • Reduces manpower by about 50%
  • Reduces processing time by approximately 50%.
  • The machine has provision to further reduce time minimum by 25% with the addition of a heating system
  • Very comfortable for the operator for making 3D and is completely safe
  • There is very minimal maintenance required.
  • Occupies very little space