Technical Features

Ramsons VERTOSTAR ™ Series of Textile Processing Equipment

The Vertostar ™ Series has a versatile designs enabling it to generate all possible effects on the garment. The inner drum and beaters are specially designed for processes like Denim washing, stone washing and Dyeing unlike other European machines which are made for a specific application. A fully programmable control panel can store up to 100 programmes and can handle all types of wash processes. The programmable controller has big display showing all relevant cycle information and is extremely easy to operate. The machine is fully automatic with the timing, water level and chemical dosage being set through the programmer. A fully indigenous rugged design, heavy duty steel drum and forged back shaft assembly make these equipments industrial workhorses. The gear box drive ensures the optimum rotation and is easy to maintain. The machine is hydraulically operated for lifting & unloading using a hydro power pack. The outer drum is insulated with a 16mm thick high density polyurethane sheet to ensure minimum heat loss during the dyeing process & maintain constant temperature for better quality & consistency.

Ramsons VERTOSTAR Series (Dyeing attachments)

  • This versatile machine has both the outer and inner drum made of tested stainless steel.
  • A unique system of indirect heating through a stainless steel jacket below the outer drum is provided to maintain and control the rise in temperature without affecting the liquor ratio.  This system is efficient and requires less time compared to external heat exchanges provided in other machines. The indirect heating coil in the machine enables raising the temperature of the liquor up to 3000 liters with a gradient of 5 deg C/ minute and cooling up to 3 deg C/minute. This system consists of a pipe line coil inside the machine with pneumatically operated valves for steam inlet, condensate outlet, bypass release, water inlet & water outlet with all necessary fittings & accessories.
  • Three water inlets for soft water, raw water and hot water and two large drains for water recycling and conservation come standard. This ensures rapid filling and discharge of water and reduces the cycle time.
  • A dosing system comprising four complete SS tanks with a water inlet and pneumatically operated valves connected with a SS pump for dosing of chemicals. A single dye mixing tank with a heating provision and a stirrer has been provided for better mixing of dyes. An air pressure sensor able to detect milli amp’s of pressure is used to achieve a very precise control of dosing. The PLC also has the option to calibrate the sensor and the dosing pattern.
  • This machines comes with auto chemical dosing which is controlled via the programable PLC.
  • The Ramsons Vertostar 7 series is designed to reduce water consumption compared to traditional Front Loading machines via an optional jet spray mechanism. This feature offers  reduction in water by 30%, increased productivity by reducing the cycle time & reduction in chemical consumption. The filter unit is connected with a high pressure pump to circulate the water inside the drum. The pump suction is connected between the fixed & rotating drum of the machine to take out the idle water and re-utilize the same in the wash process via spraying the water through the main door of the machine.
  • The de-stoner is an optional attached that is easily fitted onto the main door opening at the end of the stone wash cycle. Once fitted, the machine is tilted forward and made to rotate. This enables all the loose stones to fall out of the machine and they can be easily collected in a trolley for further use.
  • This machine is supplied with a German water flow meter to ensure exact quantity of water to be filled into the machine which is controlled by the programmer. Also the machine is fitted with a visual level indicator to check the water liquor level during the process.
  • A fully programmable control panel can store up to 100 programs and can handle all types of wash processes and is user friendly with limited technical knowledge required to operate the controller.

4 dozing tanksIndirect Heating JacketJet spray pipe lineJet SprayDe-Stoner - 2