Technical Features

The Ramsons tumble driers come with an inner stainless steel basket. All our driers have a programmable controller capable od storing up to 5 programs. Features such as Auto reverse, Digital temperature indicator/controller, forward timer with pause timing and total time come standard with this controller.

All machines come with an Auto RH (residual humidity) meter thereby ensuring that maximum energy is saved (Optional).

The drive of the Ramons driers is via balanced closed grained cast ironed pulleys with matching V belts and pedigreed bearings. This enables the equipments to sustain radial and axial loads.

The inner basket is double insulated with a high quality mineral wool held in place by fine aluminum sheet backing on loaded spring hooked ties. The Inner stainless steel basket is a fitted with CNC manufactured stainless steel paddles to ensure a smooth tumbling effect.

The high load capacity ratings, self cleaning lint screen and other designed features make this drier a space and energy saver and guarantees faster drying time.

As an option, dryers are also available in all stainless steel construction. Direct gas fired heating option is also available.