Technical Features

The Ramsons washer extractors combine the functions of a vertical washing machine and a hydro extractor. With this dual function, we ensure tremendous space and manpower savings. At the heart of every Ramsons washer extractor is the fully programmable controller capable of storing upto 24 programs and which automatically controls water input, drain, chemical input, temperature and rotational speed. The LCD Display of the controller shows complete messages and not just codes.

The Ramsons washer extractors are manufactured out of  fully tested stainless steel except for the bottom frame. The drive mechanism is a reduction pulley based systems via a Japanese inverter which enables uniform acceleration of the motor. The inverter also prevents voltage fluctuation from affecting the motor. A High grade, close grain cast iron (GG25), balance and rugged bearing housing holds in place the European bearing and seals assembly. All Ramsons washers use a specially designed IMPORTED LIP seal which provides a longer life than conventional oil seals

With a dual vibration system consisting of springs and shock absorbers, all vibrations generated at extraction are dampened within the machine enabling it to be installed at any floor of a building. The complete Chrome Piston Rod shock absorbers generate a longer life time.

We also provide a tilt facility easy unloading (100 kg capacity only).