Technical Features

The Ramsons range of horizontal washing machines come in multiple options namely a manual control, a logic control and micro processor control. The inner basket, the outer drum, the end plates, the safety guards and the control panel are constructed using stainless steel. The reduction pulley system or gear box and pulley system ensures a smooth and soft drive.

The fully automatic panel box is easy to operate. The hot forged end flange shafts ensure a long machine life. The unique design which consists of raising the door height above the center of the drum  increases the liquor holding capacity which leads to better loading ratios. A calibrated level indicator is used to control the water level. Large cast-iron drainage ensures quick release of water and very low maintenance.  A calibrated water level gauge to indicate low water levels comes standard.

A unique design where the door height is raised above the center of the drum, increasing the liquor holding capacity hence better loading ratio. With the doni at 100 mm above the center level, we are able to increase the water level and loading capacity (ref the image below).

The horizontal washing machines come in steam, electric or direct gas heating.

RHW Side View